The Sound Experience

The Kristjan Järvi Sound Experience offers the audience a completely different and new approach to having a personal and emotional experience in a concert. This engaging participation connects to the here and now, bringing together ideas, people, emotions, cultures and nature through the universal language of music. With the spiritual power of music, we celebrate the beauty of life and give way to exploring the new possibilities and frontiers for humanity.

The specially designed conceptual programs build a bridge between the great heritage of traditional repertoire, the pop culture of the past with a fresh representation of current global music developments. In these bold approaches there is no limit to any repertoire or musical genre. All projects and the concert experience are carried by the conviction of musical power to communicate and connect people from all over the world on multiple levels.

The “KJ Sound Experience” therefore offers the most possibilities and myriad of concepts to enhance the experience of the program. These include exhibitions, film/multimedia, panels or support of innovative start-ups to generate a limitless platform for intercultural exchanges and awareness. Kristjan Järvi has developed and initiated these extensive concepts with his Absolute Ensemble from New York, the MDR Leipzig Radio Orchestra and above all with the new energetic young touring Orchestra, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. This trailblazing and extraordinary orchestra functions and aims to become the new role model for the modern orchestra, deeply connected to the musical and emotional needs of our world´s modern society.

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 …we are an expression of our time: multicultural, cross-generations, researchers, inventors and collectors at one time … It is about time to free music from its enforced boundaries and to abolish all enclaves of the different genres. For me there is only music – that is what the Festivals are about.



As Part of his “Sound Experience” Kristjan Järvi has started to create a new kind of music festivals that offer the experience of outstanding musical artistry, exciting programs and also new and untraditional venues to create a special experience connected by overlapping themes. These festivals offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in the musical world of different cultures, musical genres and styles.

Within these festivals Kristjan Järvi, his soloists and orchestra are going in the midst of the cultural and musical scene, breaking out of the traditional venues of orchestrated music and hereby also joining the urban club-scene.


Baltic Sea Philharmonic


A cultural, educational and environmental microcosm of society, representing the diverse Baltic Sea Country Region

“This orchestra is a reflection of cultural diversity and a social platform to create a better environment for a multicultural society”


Created from allumni of the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic with Kristjan Järvi is the global musical ambassador of the Baltic Sea Region.

To unite the people of this region and bridge national boundaries forms the basis of the orchestra’s ambition to enable cultural and social cooperation. Just as the Baltic Sea both separates and connects its ten surrounding countries, Baltic Sea Philharmonic celebrates the diverse national characteristics of the musicians and the music while creating a united voice for the entire region.

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Baltic Sea Academy


Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic

More information on the Baltic Sea Academy coming soon!!

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Absolute Ensemble

Absolute Ensemble is a multi-disciplinary electro-acoustic chamber band based in New York City. Created in 1993 by Kristjan Järvi, Absolute Ensemble has 18 key players hailing from across the Globe (Japan, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Holland, Bulgaria, Canada and the USA). Järvi’s uncanny prescience for the future of classical music led him to create the band that the American Record Guide claims “may well be the most alluring and virtuosic of today’s new music groups.” An ebullient mix of jazz, classical and world music played with virtuosic flair, each project is created by the group from start to finish, drawing from their rich portfolios as composers, performers and improvisers.

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The “Kristjan Järvi Sound Project”  recording series on Naive takes off with its 4th CD! “Passacaglia”. The next release will be a double CD of Steve Reich´s works as a celebration of his 80th birthday in 2016.

After “Snow Maiden”, Tchaikovsky´s Theatre Works  series on Sony Classical takes off with its second release: “Swan Lake”. Next releases will be “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Nutcracker”



Management partners: Keynote Artist Management

For more information on all the productions and bookings go to Sunbeam Productions

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